Rototiller and Soil Pulverizer

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A Rototiller/Soil Pulverizer is a tractor implement that tills soil with blades via rotary action. Motors and tines are interchangeable. See Rototiller and Soil Pulverizer Genealogy.


Details and Development Direction

Past versions of the Rototiller/Soil Pulverizer included a special mount for the detachable hydraulic motor, as well as other dedicated parts outside of the modular tines. We will evaluate whether the Rototiller/Soil Pulverizer can be built from the Universal Rotor attached to a universal mount frame of 4″x4″ tubing. We will explore how modular couplers may be used to attach the Universal Rotor to various shafts. Modular tine assemblies will be used, where either individual tines or tine assemblies will be interchangeable – using either square shaft or round shaft with holes. To remove the shafts, we need to develop a flexible system for shaft mounting to facilitate dismounting, such as bushings inside the bearing holders. Adaptation to various speeds, torques, and tine configuration is desirable. The tines, which are the wearable parts, need to be easily replaceable for lifetime design.

The flexible nature of the Rototiller/Soil Pulverizer lends itself for use with the universal drawn tool bar mentioned on the LifeTrac page. This way, universally-adaptable soil preparation operations can be done with LifeTrac for agricultural and other landscaping purposes.

Project Details:

Prototype Stage