Pipping and Growing

Here is an update on the first set of pips from Hexahatch v2.0.Here is an update on the other peeps of Factor e Farm. In a few days, Sean and I will begin full fabrication documentation video on the next copy of The Liberator open source CEB press, where the funding basket for it is filling as we speak.

Open Source People from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.


  1. LucasG

    Hi Marcin, Will and Sean

    It’s obvious that FeF is gaining speed, and more people working on site is a big part of that.

    Just watched the video with Will and Sean.

    Both appear to be calm and focused folks. That’s visible.
    Unvisibly, they are sure able to put up with a set of minor vanishing-as-we-speak (ok, for some things you must zoom out a bit) inconveniencies. (“Minor” is always relative.)
    Half-visible, they are highly ready to learn.

    How to self-assess before potentially going to FeF can be a bit of a challenge because, by definition, no one has ever been inmersed in something like this before they go.
    What do Will and Sean have to say in this regard?

    I don’t know if you’ve seen “Leadership lessons from dancing guy”:
    OSE might benefit from a small bunch of “second dancers” or, more acurately, “movement creators”.
    But that’s happening by itself, I think.

    Will and Sean really say much in the last video.

    Now, looking at whatever darker parts there are in the picture: how do they steam out when tired etc?
    If one is a “people” person, then one needs to go out and have beers with crowds, or crowds with beers.
    Others regain balance with meditation or exercise, and I don’t think one can choose what works best for each of us.
    So that’s one important point.
    Maybe self-assessment can be done with
    No need to share, but what’s your profile, Marcin? And Will’s? Sean’s? IIRC, it’s about 70 questions, then some sums.
    I mean, if the 3 of you have exactly the same profile, that would say something. Or maybe not. I would definitely shrug the absoluteness of tests off.

    Other people who have been at the farm can be half-guessed.
    I’ve tried having 2 people answering on behalf of a third, and got a pretty good match. YMMV.
    Guesses would have to be be published anonymously, as in: “out of 10 people who have been at FeF, half had WXYZ profile etc”.
    Profiles are not insults of course: it’s just that we all have different “psychologic metabolism” so to speak. I may digest eggs faster and grain slower than you, so what?

    Also, it’s not that I “believe” in personality tests.
    It’s just that it would be interesting to look at what makes a person happy+productive at the farm.
    If I ever had a tattoo done it would be with this: “++)++”, where “)” is my skin, the first “++” is joy, and the second “++” is my contribution to the world.

    FeF, the advancement of an open high-performance toolset that can be used by many around the world, is looking for a skillset that comprises dealing with self, others, the job at hand, and the physical environment.
    As we know, a deep common understanding helps, and more people are starting to get it, as True Fan entries show.

    Gotta go right now, but still thinking.
    Best wishes to the three of you!
    And a huge thanks to all that make this posible with any kind of contribution. Let’s keep the show running!


  2. William

    Hi Lucas. Interesting points and questions. I just took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test ( and my result was ENFJ. As you mention, for many of the questions it really depends on the situation one applies it to. I tried to keep it as relevant to projects on the farm as I could.

    To steam out as you ask, I personally change what I’m doing. So if I’m getting tired working with metal. Then I might go and have some food and check how the livestock are doing or go on the internet for a bit.. or sleep and get up the next day and carry on.

    I would say having the vision/understanding of what the desired end result of the project you are working on is, and being self-motivated are important traits to have. Also, I personally feel I have satisfied all other interests in my life over the years before coming to the farm so I am no longer looking for external events or mainstream entertainment to bring meaning into my life. I have reached an understanding where I can see no better path than creating for the benefit of all of us.

    I’ve heard that the most rewarding actions are those that benefit everyone. And I can verify that to be true as developing technology for the benefit of all of us has definitely been the most rewarding work I have ever done.

    1. Marcin

      The phrase ‘so I am no longer looking for external events or mainstream entertainment to bring meaning into my life’ sticks out to me and is well said. When people ask me, ‘What do you for fun?’, I am always at a loss to give a good answer. This stuff is fun – when you have the sweet taste of vision and results. It is such a creative game, that there is no more powerful force that I know of – than to create for the visible benefit of all. If someone asks me ‘What do you do for fun?,’ I just think they don’t understand what goes on here.

      At the same time, I should not glorify this work. It is hard work, like anything else that tries to change the world. The rewards, however, are much sweeter – so as you may be able to see – I’m pumped, not depleted.

  3. Ron Garrett

    There’s a farmer in Australia with a video on YouTube telling how he powers his whole farm using chicken manure.

  4. Miquel

    Hi there! A soon-to-be True Fan here 😉

    About the videos, they sure got better with the background music and intro image.

    These last ones though, had the background music a tad too high, it made understanding what Will and Sean a bit difficult. Bear that in mind, specially for the non native English speaking audience.

    Ah! one more thing, won’t the pips miss a mother? Not joking. Doesn’t that alter they behaviour?

    1. Marcin

      Yes, the pips will miss their mother. But we would also miss not having food in the winter if we eat chicken, and if we aim not to go to Walmart for our chicken. The reality is that we have so far have only 5 new pips from chickens that sat on their eggs. We can get many hundreds from the incubator, if we wanted. It turned out that our chickens totally stopped laying after the spring, so we have only 60 eggs in there right now, which we got from our friends. So it looks like chicken abundance is not yet here this year.