Open+Pario Project Collaboration Platform

We are now officially using Open+Pario as our project management and design repository for Open Source Ecology. The most active project at present is the CEB press, and we are beginning project management of the Open Source Induction Furnace. Anybody can view any of the projects – including design files, technical discussions, etc. The content is entirely transparent and open to the greater community.

If you want to get involved in any of the projects,  you can  sign up  as a Project Member by registering and joining  a given project. This allows you to post comments on any of the content, start discussions in existing forums, and begin tasks (New Issue tab). Note that if you join one of the projects of OSE, you are not automatically joining other projects.

The next level of participation is a Project Developer. The requirement for Project Developer is regular, ongoing, and substantial participation in technical development of OSE projects, whether in technology or organizational issues. This means that the Developer has some form of  a track record with the project. Project Developers are additionally allowed to start Forums and to commit Files and to add News.

The highest level of participation is Project Manager, who sets project permissions, commits Documents and Files, and starts Forums. We are looking for a project manager for each of the 40 technologies of the Global Village Construction Set, plus a number of others in support tasks such as organizational development, resource development, land stewardship, physical site design, public relations, architecture, civil engineering, marketing, visualization and modeling, ICT support, library development, rapid learning material development, documentation, documentary production, and others. It takes a village to build a village.

So if you want to get involved, first join as a Member, and then let us know if you are interested in moving up to Project Manager. Right now, we have only one project manager, so we have yet a long way to go towards nurturing the project on its way completely.

We are taking a solid step towards scaling the project. Combined with initial outsourcing of design work on the Induction Furnace, we’re moving slowly but surely towards the scalabe, open source economic development method.

By the way, one of our collaborators, the CubeSpawn project for developing an open source universal constructor system – is also at Open+Pario. James Jones, project leader, invites you to vote for CubeSpawn at the Pepsi grant program.  If it makes it into the top ten it’ll receive $25,000 in funding. Kindly vote for the project, but more importantly, invite others to do the same. James also has the project up at the Kickstarter funding effort, and is seeking crowd funding just like we are. Support him.


  1. Michael Koch

    Marcin, all,
    Its great to see you all taking advantage of OpenPario. I think you hit alot of points spot on, with the key now being to get those interested to start collaborating through the OpenPario hub on such projects.

    Over the next few months, we’ll be making significant upgrades to the functionality of the site to make it even more useful for you all as well as documentation and video resources on how to use the site more effectively.

    And if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

    Michael Koch
    Member, OpenPario Team

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