Open Source Ecology Documentary Fundraiser

We’re launching an online crowd-funding campaign today to complete our feature documentary film that delves deep into the revolutionary action of Open Source Ecology!  The goal is to raise enough funds to complete the editing of the film over the summer so we can bring it to you by December 2012.

Please share this link all over the blogosphere and through social networking like twitter and facebook, and consider making a contribution to make this project a reality.

This filmmaker appreciates it and so will future audiences hungry for sustainable change.


– Ian Midgley



  1. Jay Bazuzi

    Will the film be open source?

  2. jf

    “You are a god”— Really?? What does that have to do with OSE (or the other projects featured)? Does providing for oneself in a sustainable way make one a “god”? Does running an open source project make you a “god”?

    It’s a strange title, not to mention profane. I’ll hold off on calling it offensive until I see more video. Donate…? I’ll pass this time.


    BTW, I’ve followed your project for years, helped on the microtrack challenge, etc. and will continue to do so… but not if this is your new direction.

  3. Sara

    It’s unfortunate that the title of the documentary is a bit offensive.

    “You Are God” could lose a more conservative crowd based on the name alone.

    I’m sure the content is wonderful but it’s a poor choice of words.

  4. Marcin

    Sorry about the unclarity on the title – Ian is correcting it.

  5. grok

    Maybe something less touchy would be “Thou art god”, a phrase from “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein.

  6. hayden

    Likewise, I’ll be on with this as soon as you change the title.

  7. Helen

    No way I’m donating after how you treated all your backers from Kick-starter. No follow-though and no communication, way past the deadlines.

    1. Marcin

      Great apologies to all those eagerly awaiting the rewards – whole reward structure will be ready for shipping by June 27 – finally. There were many delays, including our videographer who did not make it across the border back in April to provide updates on construction. We will be announcing the CEB Microhouse construction workshop soon for September. And also, yes, we are way overdue for our 12th Kickstarter update since the last update on the Christmas Gift was announced. We are now putting a solid documenation team in place by August 1, 2012.

  8. MDude

    Perhaps the title could be “You are Man”, so as to place emphasis on the idea that the project merely gives access to what is the right of all humanity. Or “You’re the Best Around”, after the song performed by Joe Esposito for the movie Karate Kid. I guess if we recognize another species or robots as sapient in the near future, the former might be a bit awkward. “You Are Intelligences” could work.

    1. Marcin

      How about Homo Fabber?