Open Source CNC Torch Table Shakedown

The open source CNC Torch Table is now working (download Torch Table CAD file here). We aim to start cutting tractor parts with it today. We tested it first with a marker on a dry-erase board for replicability. This shows that a toolpath can be re-produced reliably. (Read the tutorial for converting CAD files to manufacturing (CAM) files here)

Open Source CNC Torch Table Shakedown from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

We’re getting approximately 1/32 inch repeatability for 4 passes over the same region – see photo of line detail. The first 2 passes are black, the last 2 passes are red:

The gradations on the tape measure are 1/16″.


  1. Brett

    Looking good! Can’t wait to see the actual torch in action. You guys rock!

  2. denis

    Hi Marcin.
    I wanted to say two things :
    – I find your project really great, it is a wonderfull idea, you have all my support and I d like to help one day.
    – There is something I don’t understand : you want to make open source technology, but it is incredibly hard to find on the wiki or on your blog a webpage with all the informations about something. For example, why don’t you have a webpage for the tractor prototype with a list of all the material, the price, the construction process and the 3D cad files of all the design you made, with the plans… It seems to me that your initial idea was to allow other people to try to do their own tractor for example, and that will be much easier if you propose an organized webpage with all the informations and tutorials about a machine. The fact is that the wiki is a bit of a mess, with thousand links that lead to everywhere, and it is hard to get the main information that the people could be looking at : the information to construct their own prototype.
    In all case, thanks for your initiative, hope to meet you one day

    1. Marcin

      The documentation needs work. This is the list of all the prototypes to date and the available documentation –

  3. Marcin

    Delay: It turns out that our machine torch uses different torch tips than hand-held oxyacetylene torches – we need to source the correct tip.

  4. Daniel

    @denis – While Marcin is working a lot in the shop building stuff, some of us are working in the background on the wiki. For example, here is a list of the *kinds* of data that should eventually exist:

    Getting it all written and organized is just at an early stage right now.

  5. denis

    Thanks for your answer.
    @Marcin : the crash course page is great, thanks for that. I will try to show it to a lot of people.

    @Daniel : your functional block diagram will be exactly the kind of things lacking for the moment. Maybe with something more related to the budget.

    @both : I didn’t want to criticize your work, hope you didn’t take it the wrong way. I m really impressed by your skill and motivation, you are genius. I will finish my thesis in one year and something, I hope I will have the oportunity to visit you right after.
    All my support again

  6. John H

    I have to agree with Denis above.

    The way Open Source Ecology presents its technology is a fail. It is suitable only for someone that has lots of time sitting around to play guessing games with search engines to find all the scattered pieces of information. All I see is emotional “Oh WOW!” stuff which is good if you want contributions from non technical investors.

    I spent 24 years in Military Aviation. Would you want to fly on an aircraft whose maintenance instructions were spread throughout a Wiki of Forum?

    OSE needs to present its usable technical information with a Table of Contents and an Index.

    I want to contribute to this project. But so far I have not been able to see actual blueprints or CAD files. A warning flag for Internet fraud = “Lots of Emotional Claims + Zero usable information”. Except in this case it is just an inability and lack of skill presenting technical information.

    I have several years experience writing Aircraft Maintenance Technical Instructions. I would be glad to offer my experience to this worthwhile project. I also run a small machine and welding shop.

    You have my email address, contact me if you want my help.