One Raised Bed a Day Keeps the Grocery Bills Away

Here at Factor E Farm we’re trying to grow all our own food. However, it’s a daunting task to grow and process enough food to feed ourselves. That’s why we have a simple policy this spring to help us get closer to 100% food sufficient: Every Body Plants One Raised Bed A Day.  It’s the new industry standard. It helps us chip away at our goal, day by day.

Check out what we’ve planted so far and please give advice if you’ve think we’ve made some terrible mistakes or if we’re missing some great opportunities in our fenced off garden.

We’re also trying to gather more perennial vegetables.  If you have any perennials that you’d be willing to share with us (either a root or a cutting or even a whole plant) we’d be very happy to have them. Check out our wish list for our complete 5 kingdom Community Gene Bank.


  1. Lost Chief

    Im not sure about where your at but n Craigslist in washington or oregon there are so many people giving away free plants of all kinds and livestock of all kinds every day. It may be worth the time to have someone watching the craigslist in your area every day to look for large amounts of free stuff. I know in washington state whole fiels of fruit trees come up for free from time to time along with all other crops & animals. People will buy land that has an apple orchard and then since they are about to clear it they will put ads on CL to try and get the trees removed free.

    I guess this is why a large TREE SPADE is on my own personal construction set list. There are free large fruit/nut trees on there daily. Also tons of smaller items but just imagine if you could grab 100 free fruit trees every few months..

    I know it costs gas and resources to go grab stuff but some free scores are well worth the gas/energy put into it.


  2. Jeremy

    Marcin got a lot of the Factor e orchard trees donated from a company that apparently burns their surplus to keep the tree prices stable.

  3. Abe

    You guys will need to start planting high-carb producers like grain and potatoes. No one can live on just Kale! 🙂 But seriously, check out millet, buckwheat, rye, wheat, corn, etc. for grains.