One Month Project Visit: Take Two

The second month of my Dedicated Project Visit started last week. This month will focus on three main tasks that each build on the work completed successfully last month.

  1. Work out any problems in the torch table built last month, now referred to as Prototype 1.
  2. Incorporate changes into a new design that reduces costs, decreases construction difficulties, and can have the majority of construction performed by Prototype 1. This machine will be dubbed Prototype 2.
  3. Concoct a business model that can distribute these tables that fits in the Open Source framework, while still making money. I’ll blog more about it once I have a realistic idea of how that will work.

Some of the things I’m most excited about the above points are:

  • Achieving torch table replication. Which means that if you buy one, then you can buy stock material to build your friend a torch table as well.
  • Integrating with the RepRap project. This will help show that the RepRap project can scale to different materials while still remaining self-replicating.
  • Developing a business model that liberates consumers from producers, and puts both parties on a mutually beneficial footing.
  • Moving forward by utilizing the advanced tools I’ve already produced, to expand my current capabilities and build even more complex artifacts.

Open Source Torch Table Part 6 from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

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