LifeTrac II Concept

Marcin takes us into Factor-e-Farm One-Room-Schoolhouse again and this time to explain the concept behind designing and then building the open-source-tractor, LifeTrac II. This 5 minute video lays down the foundation from where we will begin.

Coming next on the “LifeTrac II” project we will have some basic frame designs drawn up in Blender open source 3D modeling software – to see how the proposed design will function. See past work on LifeTrac.


  1. […] Continuing on with our project to build the worlds first “open-source-tractor” that we know of?  We have come up with a sketch for the new LifeTrac II “frame” drawn on Blender. Please review and suggest or sketch your own and then kindly show us your results if you can think of a simpler design? The idea is to come up with the simplest replicable and repairable design. More details on the concept can be found on our last blog on this topic. […]

  2. Marcin

    As a follow up comment – note in later posts that we did not run the wheel shafts in a staggered configuration, but shortened them to fit the hydraulic motors in line. This does not compromise motor interchangeability, as the open frame design allows easy access to the wheel motors, such as shown here –