LifeTrac Design Challenge: Live at GrabCAD

The LifeTrac Design Challenge is now live at GrabCAD:

Pass this on to any engineer friends. This is our first attempt to solve a technical issue by means of a crowd engineering platform. I am hoping that this platform will be a significant contributor to the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) development effort. We will gain xperience from this first challenge, and we have already discussed with GrabCAD – on how to organize a real event where engineers are invited to a ┬áto weekend dedicated to producing a real GVCS design.

See GrabCAD’s blog about this campaign.


  1. Leo Dearden

    Congrats on another collaboration.

    This seems like a good way to get widespread expert attention on the problem. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it.

    I think we can improve the response if we refine the Requirements: Make them more open, and add some quantitative measures.

    Generally, it’s better to tell skilled collaborators what you want to achieve rather than how you want it done.

    By being less specific on the how, we allow inspired solutions delivered through approaches that we never considered.

    By being specific on the what (how much), we tell our collaborators exactly what we need.

    I’ve written a requirements spec on the wiki.
    IMHO, it needs only a little further work.

  2. Leo Dearden

    Just to be clear, IMHO we should update the GrabCAD competition with refined requirements ASAP.

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  4. Marcin
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