LifeTrac Alive!

Yesterday, LifeTrac rolled out of the shop under the power of its own engine. It purred like a cat, turning smoothly over the ground with its articulated steering. Brittany, Jessica, and I celebrated with elderberry champagne. Farm-fresh organic, of course.

That was a great moment for the Global Village Construction Set – as I am seeing each of the pieces come to life right under my eyes, getting us ever closer to an amazing, integrated ecology of living and working – fueled and fed by the sun, plants, and soil around us. (sorry, we’ll post some videos when our Canon SD750 digital camera arrives in a couple of days).

Theres’s more work to be done on LifeTrac – installing the loader and backhoe, building the rototiller/auger attachment, and mounting the CEB press as a tractor implement. With these pieces the infrastructure for building with the CEB will be complete.

I am completely delighted with LifeTrac because of its adaptability. Next year, we aim to build a flash steam engine for it – and power it by pyrolysis oil from our own trees. 100% local organic tractor power – how sweet indeed. With the CEB, and proposed swingblade sawmill, hay baler, agricultural combine (the top dog of all agricultural machinery), and well-drilling rig attachments – all open source – that will be one versatile, life-size erector set of appropriate modern technology. We hope that this will be no less than a significant contribution to the ecological evolution of humanity, similar to Gandhi’s vision of appropriate production as is also practiced by Tinytech Plants in India.


  1. Josef Davies-Coates

    Well done!

    All very exciting. 🙂

    Have you got in touch with Tinytech people?

  2. Vinay Gupta

    Congratulations and well done, and I hope to see pictures / video soon!

  3. Lucas

    Hi Marcin,

    Great work, folks! It’ll get done. I’m working on individual-scale water-swadeshi here, and sent Vinay a PDF or two. We’re starting to cover all 6 sectors and all rings of the systems map. Let’s make some further waves! Awaiting your pictures and videos, and hoping to send mine soon. You folks are giving others something to emulate, you know! 😉