Isaiah Saxon: OSE Media Director

After an extended winter sabbatical in California, I am back at home at Factor e Farm to continue on-the-ground development of the Global Village Construction Set. Factor e Farm is the place where this development has happened for the last 4 years, and our goal is more than ever to complete the entire Set in 2 years. These are the days after TED – which was a big event because of the positive reception of our work there. See the last few posts. While in California, I stayed with Isaiah Saxon, media director for Open Source Ecology, who is starting a similar effort on the West coast of the USA, the Trout Gulch Forest Village. He is one of our closest supporters, and his assistance on preparing my TED Fellows talk (forthcoming, timed with our Kickster campaign) was priceless. Listen to Isaiah’s role description, involvement, and interest in this work:


  1. LucasG

    Date for the kickstarter?

    Priorities in video subtitling and translation before that? [Been gaining lots of experience recently so it can happen fast, and just need a narrow focus.]

    (((Minor almost-discarded thought: Does the media strategy give clues for doing what you’re doing but with other languages = are you opensourcing at least the essentials of how it’s done? Just the very basics cos you have enough on your plate already. Or maybe just trust the network and have some essential videos ready.)))

  2. Brandin

    It is so exciting to see how well OSE has been advancing! GREAT job guys!