Green Roof

Well, not really green in winter, but it will soon be.

Today we put straw and earth on top of the CEB workshop addition – for a living roof. Without LifeTrac assist, this would have been an arduous task. With LifeTrac, we were able to do most of the work in about 4 hours today. The roof construction technique is truss-oriented strand board-6 mil poly-6 mil poly-carpet-straw-soil. That’s the industry standard – at Factor e Farm.


  1. Joseph

    WIsh I could have been there to help. The weight redistribution is a major issue…but you knew this prior to the bale. I would recommend round two, as you suggested, with the engine mounted rear for easy access. This alone should stabilize any weight issues OR you can always implement weights into the wheels. Several tractor models feature this. Thus, you’d place the predominant amount of weight in the rear wheels. Wish I could have been there to assist with the hay. How are the walls holding up? How are our supports doing?

  2. Marcin

    We will see with spring thaw how the walls are holding up. Next time, we’ll skip the part of building in mid-winter – unless waylaid by unplanned events.

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