Get a Real Job!

Friends and family still harass me. They still keep telling me to ‘get a real job.’ I’ve got a good response now. It is:

  1. Take a look at the last post on the soil pulverizer
  2. Consider ‘getting a real job at $100k,’ a well-paid gig in The System. Tax and expense take it down to $50k, saved, if you’re frugal.

Ok. I can ‘get a real job’, work for 6 months, and then buy a Soil Pulverizer for $25k. Or, I make my own in 2 weeks at $200 cost, and save the world while I’m at it.

Which one makes more sense to you? You can see which one makes more sense to me. It’s just economics.

Now you can kindly donate and make other breakthrough work happen

I just thought this is worth sharing. Open source all the way.


  1. George Donnelly

    Don’t listen to them, they’re just weak and afraid. Keep up the great work!

  2. Kevin Carson

    Another reason why most conventional mass-production industry is doomed.

    The initial capital outlays for production in the culture and information industries already imploded several years ago, going from (as Benkler described it) hubs costing a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a world where anyone can start sound recording and editing, desktop publishing, podcasting, or software design with a hub costing a few hundred or at most a few thousand dollars. Douglass Rushkoff argues that it was this low entry cost in the tech industry that killed the California economy: when venture capitalists have millions to invest and nobody needs more than a few thousand to start production, that’s a lot of useless money.

    The capital outlays needed for physical manufacturing are set to implode on almost the same scale.

    When the labor time plus labor-equivalent of the capital outlays for small-scale production are a tiny fraction of the labor time it takes to buy the commercial version of something, “how ya gonna keep ’em down in the factory?”

  3. Marcin

    Right, Kevin. It can also be shown that the further one goes into displacing capital costs via open source knowledge and technique, the lower the open source cost becomes. We call this process technological recursion. See the basic math of this described at

  4. Nathan

    Kevin’s been on the dl in that regard for some time. 😉 Who are the other folk saying the same things with different jargon?

  5. Nathan

    BTW, my mother thinks the same thing, although now I can at least tell her I’m a bona fide researcher ;p But then comes that horrid question: “Are you getting paid?” So I’m not speaking to her till I’m “makin’ dat money!!”

    It looks as if the European Commission has an interest in my works, so dat be how I make dat money till dat money be no moe!! m’nigga!! foobitch!!!

    A researcher can say shit like that cuz I smart enough to get away wit stupid shit!!

  6. Nathan

    Yeah, so Marcin what you do ‘may’ be a great thing, but lets face it and GET REAL HERE!!


    Such logic refuses to accept the many practices that continue to improve once came from IDEAS!!! Tell them they have a “make-work” mentality and that should persuade them and really brighten their day!

    Such notions are almost insane when you consider that the very machine capacities I’m using to send this message didn’t even exist a year ago: 8+ hour battery life, can process basic web pages and audio and video fluidly and simultaneously well at 3 pounds for $350. That’s just amazing stuff!!! Especially when you consider the value of the currency! That was “impossible!” “unrealistic!” “bullshit!” two years ago.

    As my deeply extensive research comes to a close here, after presenting the evidence in plethora, I hereby pontificate thus: YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEED TO GET A REAL JOB!!! ;P

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