Finally: my bags are packed, let the adventure begin!!

I can’t believe how much stuff I accumulated in only 4 1/2 years and what a pain it was packing it all and then lugging everything up to the third floor of my son’s place (very old house – oldest part is over 400 years old) in Klagenfurt! Downsizing, minimizing from now on.

Next steps: staying with my youngest daughter (Annette) and her family from Monday evening till Wednesday morning.

Then hop on the train to Vienna where my son (Chris) will pick me up and drive me to our Vienna OSE  ‘circle’. Dustin, Ralf, Franz, Ira and I will have a great meeting, I’m sure. Maybe there will be enough time to post another entry here.

Wednesday night I stay at my son’s place in Vienna, and next morning he’ll take me to the airport and I’m off to New York City. You already guessed it? Yes, my daughter (Angela) will pick me up at JFK and I’ll spend the next few days at her place in Greenwich, CT

Monday the 27th of July has been marked in my calender: D-day! I’ll be arriving in Kansas City, MO where I’ll be picked up by Marcin. I guess about one hour later I’ll see Factor e Farm for the first time with my own eyes!

I am soooo excited! This is better than Christmas, New Years, Easter and my birthday all rolled into one!!

Missouri, look out…. Inga is coming!

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