Factor e Live – Part 5 – LifeTrac Takes Baby Steps

We showed the construction of our open source tractor frame in Factor e Live Part 3. Here we show LifeTrac running under the power of its own motor:

Next steps: mounting the front end loader, building a rototiller, and mounting a backhoe. In the meantime, the Solar Turbine Convergence is here – Elliot is here, and we are picking up Stuart tomorrow.


  1. Pamela McLean

    This looks great. Are you interested in trialling it in Africa. If so please can the community groups that I represent be first in line ?

    We would start by establishing a collaborative venture between you and Fantsuam Foundation, and if it worked well at Fantsuam then we’d cascade the knowledge to other grassroots projects in the Dadamac Community of Learning (CoL).

    Dadamac Community of Learning takes its name from two surnames – Dada and McLean. Dr John Dada is programmes direstor of Fantsuam Foundations (a voluntary role). My surname is McLean – hence the mac of Dadamac.

    We don’t have a Dadamac Community of Learning website yet giving the overview and connection between all projects. However there is a website for Fantsuam Foundation you can see we are serious and well established.

    Pamela McLean

  2. Josef Davies-Coates

    Great to see the tractor in action! 🙂

    I look forward to taking a ride on it some time soonish…

    Best of luck with solar turbine convergence!



  3. Benjamen Hansen

    Nice to see you in such a fine dungeon Marcin!, running a torch looks like it really lights you up. The tractor looks like its lots of fun, these kind of projects teach on many levels, hope to see it someday. If articulation gets too wild, it might be fun to stretch some tracks and have a mini cat!. The hydrolic steering would work either way.


  4. Sasha

    Marcin , awesome!

    It looks great!

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