Factor E Live 2

The last two weeks were primarily spent on the well, which is now (almost) finished. So, our biweekly video focuses on our voyage into the earth, in a search for ground water. We begin with a homebrew rig that is difficult to use because we cannot easily raise and lower it. We end with an 85 foot hole, that is reduced to 25 feet through weak equipment (resulting in a crooked hole) and some mistakes (like pumping out silt without any casing, causing sand to fill-in the hole).

This is not a “how to” video, but more a taste of what it would have been like to help us dig our well. We plan to more fully document our experiences here and on the wiki once we’re truly pumping water from the well.



  1. Vinay Gupta

    Excellent. Thank you so much for doing this.

  2. George Donnelly

    This is really fascinating. You guys have my wishes for success. This is something I want to do some day. Keep up the great work!