Declare Your OSE Wish

Hello Open Source Ecology Fans and Friends.

I will be presenting this week at the Glimpses Conference on human potential. Here is my Glimpses Presentation in Prezi plus script.

In my presentation, I will give a few examples of what people hope to do with the Global Village Construction Set. As such, I am inviting you to submit a picture of yourself with words, or a video – short and sweet – to be included in my presentation. As we go forward – such insights are priceless in terms of helping others appreciate the value of our work. Read on for more context.

We are excited to tell the world what you would create with one or all of the 50 tools of the Global Village Construction Set.  After all, we exist to serve your desire to create your own world, your own enterprise, your own machine to make your life more productive and more meaningful.

It is not about the machine, it is about you.

Now we need YOU to take a picture of yourself OR a video of yourself declaring what you would use all or some of our 50 machines for… OR your family and community.

If it is a photo, send a text declaring what you would do with the GVCS, if it is a video your words will declare what you desire.

Choose an outdoor setting if you can. It doesn’t matter if you are in the country or in the city or in suburbia. BUT if it has to be indoors, then okay.

Here are examples of what we hope to hear and have loosely reconstructed from our conversations with you over the last few of years.

I want to build a sustainable community.

I want to start an organic organic farm.

I am starting a construction business.

I want to open up a bakery in my town.

We want to drill a well on our land.

We want to build a house.

I want to open up a metal fabrication shop.

We want to open up a 3d Printing shop in our city.

We want to create an urban farm – a sustainable farm.

I just want to make stuff that I can sell.

What machine or machines do you need to produce the future you desire? Here’s a link to the entire machine set that exists in the entire Global Village Construction Set.

Send us what you can by Thursday to be included in my Glimpses presentation – or if you miss this deadline – send us your material anyway for future presentations. Please send your entries to our Documentation Manager – Robert Kirk – at rob at opensourceecology dot org. Thank you.

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