Dear True Fans: October 9 Update

Dear True Fans and Supporters, here is an update on construction.

Transcript: Dear True Fans and Supporters, thank you for your support. We got 4 new True Fans today, so things are optimistic as always.

On the construction – update – we had a flurry of baling this week – we collected about 1000 bales from 20 acres, with no equipment breakage. Double CEB walls in our living units are now a reality – with bale infill is now a reality for low-cost super-insulation.

For me, bales are pure power, as they address housing, fuel, and food issues. Bales are construction material, in the form of natural insulation. They are fuel, in the form of pelletized biomass for modern steam engines. They yield food, in the form of hay for livestock.

On construction, we have the earthworks and pillar foundations ready, and the first step is the double walls on the house so we can close off the roof. We are looking for a flurry of CEB pressing next week. But we are behind, as we were hoping to press bricks this past week. I am not easy about it, as we have 35 days left until Nov.15.

We definitely need a recovery plan. Step one is a construction meeting tonight. We need to make a decision on the roof plan for HabLab. Then, I don’t see the workshop finished without recruiting about 10 construction workers for one week, so we are budgeting for this.

Other than that, things are beautiful.

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  1. Joa

    Hi I am a life long carpenter and builder… I believe in what you are doing and i would like to be a part of it… when could you use my talents?