Dear True Fans: Construction and Scaling

Dear True Fans and supporters – the news are rather fantastic for this week.


  1. Alex

    Great work guys, I can’t wait to see some bricks being laid! It’s very exciting to see all this come to fruition. Marcin, while ambitious as ever, should think twice about getting a loan. Stick to the current funding model with the help of the true fans that have donated so much. The last thing I would like to see is Factor E Farm foreclosed on because they can’t make their loan payments to some bank…

  2. DreamBuilder

    You’re shaker and mover.
    Its all go. Good Luck.

  3. LucasG

    Sharpening my knife here, cos I see how we’ll soon be able to start creating the parallel wikipages to translate the documentation into, say, 20+ languages?

    It needs to gel up just a little bit. Once the “building” pages for a given tool stabilise, it’s just a matter of replicating the tree into the target language, add a “glossary” page to help translators, and start working on the translations (titles, pictures, then text).

    I think I’ll want to do (with help) CEB Press – Spanish. If someone wants to start say Power Cube in German, or whatever, then we’d gain even more experience in how this is done.

    In short, if documentation is the 51st tool, then translation is the 52nd, so let’s prototype that as well!

    I have some initial thoughts here: (feel free to copy, refine and improve – public domain learning FTW!)