CEB Press v4 Flash Mob and Production Director

CEB Press v4 – Flash Mob – Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

We are organizing a Flash Mob of contributors familiar with machine design and/or access to CAE/Finite Element Analysis technology. The Flash Mob will be on Friday August 3, at 3:00 PM C.D.T. and will require a computer with an internet connection. Please contact me at if you would like to participate as our digital space is limited and we will respond with specific instruction for participating.

Please view this introduction video

and supporting documentation if you intend to participate.  If you would like to participate in this Flash Mob or those in the future please fill out this survey.


Marshall Hilton P.E. – Production Director

Hello, I am Marshall Hilton and I am currently acting as the Production Director at Factor E Farm. I grew up in St. Louis, MO, and have been in San Franciso for the past 4 years as a professional Mechanical Engineer and a bike mechanic at the Bike Kitchen. In 2011 I bicycled to Oaxaca, Mexico from San Francisco and apprenticed at CACITA building bicycle powered machines. I took an 87 hour Urban Permiculture Design Course at the Urban Permiculture Institute in San Francisco. I have also been volunteering and taking classes in machining, welding and blacksmithing at the Crucible. My Bachelor’s is in Architectural Engineering and I have a Masters in Architecture from Kansas University and am a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of California. I have a passion for metal (including Slayer) and machine work and creating a sustainable built environment. I continue to be connected with my employer, Arup, and aim to facilitate their 10,000 engineers, designers and planners around the world supporting the efforts of Open Source Ecology.

My objective while at Factor E Farm is to redesign the Liberator, the Compressed Earth Brick Press, and refine the production process down to the minute so 8 people can fabricate one press in a single day. This will enable the work of 8 people one day per week to yeild $20k/month. I will be designing v4 of the press, while hosting flash mobs and developing graphic instructional material for parallel fabrication of the press. My current contract with OSE is to the end of September.


  1. ken morton

    i’m not qualified to help on this project but I have comments that I hope you will pass along to the right person or persons.

    I would love to buy a Liberator in 2-3 years. This would be a huge investment for me, however, so I would need the confidence that it is really ready for prime time–i.e., are all the bugs worked out and is it reliably producing strong, useful blocks? It seems to me that sales would really be helped by having a favorable rating or recommendation by someone who uses CEB machines but who is not associated with OSE. Secondly, the utility would be improved if the machine could produce blocks of different sizes and/or have shapes to allow interlocking or insertion of rebar.

  2. Mac Caceres

    how about finding a factory where they can make as a kit.
    And for help the poorest people use the minimum $ amount to spent.
    Like the The Resilient living CEB Press.