CEB Day 27

This past week we put on the roof for the cordwood building addition:

Yesterday I returned to the CEB. On November 26, we produced the first brick. I got right back into it – beginning work on the automated hopper assembly – which will allow 3-5 bricks to be made each minute.

This is the table for the hopper assembly:

Now we need to fabricate the hopper assembly, and add a second hydraulic cylinder to move the hopper assembly back and forth. Items to address include friction wear of the hopper, alignment, and structural integrity of the completed machine. Friction wear is addressed by using Nylon 6/6 liner, alignment is assured by working carefully, and structural integrity may be addressed by welding on stop blocks, if necessary. So far, no structural fatigue was visible anywhere – but that was after pressing only a single brick.

I aim to finish the hopper assembly as early as by Wednesday of next week. This time, we’ll have to dig through the snow to collect some soil for testing. In the greenhouse, it’s warm with the stove, and quite a pleasant working environment, with some red peppers crop:

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