Breakthrough, Where Are You?

People, we’re going through some major organizational development at Factor e Farm. We’re struggling with an approach and method for delivering the open source village. The Factor e Live Distillations are complete – though I will publish another summary and call to action in the near future – once we settle on a core organizational approach. We are starting an organized marketing campaign for the 1000 True Fans.

To begin with, we can say that our problem statement is not easy. We’re aiming to build an open source village prototype, with a population of 30 real people. We’re trying to reinvent a viable route to civilization, for tribes or towns. With unprecedented prosperity. Within two years. With no money.

One may say that there are some challenges on our path.

Yet we have proven that we can build technology, and that crowds are willing to fund it. So the main question remaining is that of social technology for realizing the open source village. It’s not a one man show. Read the introduction to our Social Technology Approach – our historic switch to people-focus as the next major point of development. It’s not really a switch as much as a clarification. We’ve always looked for people, with the caveat that we had nowhere to house them.

It turns out that we’re a bunch of humanitarians – not technologists. We are integrated humans. To help everyone else do the same is the only route to abundance. We call forth – evolve to freedom!

The GVCS is not going to happen within 694 days unless we gather a team, now. We’ve been advised that there are natural cycles and we can only follow a natural pace – but I know that there are integrated humans out there who want to be a part of Factor e Farm – of Dream Team 30. That is the team who shows to the world that abundance can be real. The technology is out there. It just needs to be opensourced.

This team of 30 is self-selecting, in a way. To do this, we first put the message out there clearly. We are looking for you – if you are as excited about the potential of this work as we are.

By now we’ve seen many people come and go from Factor e Farm. Through all this, we gain clarity on what allows people to stay. So if you self-select, or we help you self-select, we’ll rack you until both sides are confident about it being a good match.

In practice – our goals are to stabilize to a population of 30 by end of 2009. We’re only two full time people right now – as this number has been oscillating between 2 and 4 lately, and will continue to do so wildly until we stabilize. This means building our solar village once the weather warms up – with a 3000 brick per day CEB press, LifeTrac, and Sawmill. All to be perfected, so now we’re reducing ourselves to standard construction for temporary housing with Solar Cubicles. The village design needs to be drawn up, and is one of the countless projects on the table. Hey, nobody said that reinventing civilization would be easy. Stable population has to come before we can guarantee continuity on any of our projects.

If you’re one of the few radical, integrated elites on planet earth who are hungry for a new culture, let us know. It takes open engineering to do this – both with technology and ecology – but for that, ability to learn, to turn a wrench, to solve problems, and basic understanding of the physical world are the only requirements.

If we don’t have to explain what the word integrated human means to you, then we probably want you here. That’s our next step to building an open source village.

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