All Aboard! The 6 in 60 Campaign Continues

Let’s kick off this Tuesday update with a quick word from Marcin, OSE’s Executive Director:

As our Operations Manager Katie Whitman joins us officially this week, we are excited to say that OSE 2.0’s core staff is now all on board, even as the 6 in 60 campaign (6 new machines in 60 days) moves forward at turbo speed. Last week’s highlight was a successful sprint with 19 participants and collaboration with VéloCar, on the OSE Wikispeed Car.

This week Katie is getting a sense of current operations, creating a system to develop OSE Protocols, and moving forward with OpenERP, the open source business management program that will help OSE manage projects, tasks, and contacts. She affirms, “Overall, my first week’s highlights pertain to organizing, organizing, organizing, which I love!”

As Product Lead Gary De Mercurio organizes people and materials for the builds ahead, working with OSE’s interns and others to make it all happen, large materials orders are rolling in. Gary swears he’s done a “metric ton of research” this past week into how to squeeze all the essentials of the Wiki Speed car’s engine and power cube into its frame.

Last week OSE Documentation Manager Rob Kirk secured a groundbreaking new video collaboration system through latakoo. This system will allow remote video collaborators around the world to help document OSE projects. More on that soon! If you work in any capacity with video production, stay tuned—we need you. Rob will be arriving on site Friday in anticipation of upcoming 6 in 60 machine builds.


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