6 in 60 Update

This is my first blog post as OSE’s new Product Lead – and I’d like to report that we are busy making progress. Our five Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs) have just arrived a little over a week ago and have been put into the deep end of design work on the 6 in 60 Campaign. We have a week left on structural design of the 6 machines. We have ordered a large shipment of steel, and will begin initial welding and cutting next week. We still need to design the hydraulics and controls – and order the hydraulic components. Check out some of the designs that we’ve been working on:

You can join us. We will be continuing this weekend with our Design Sprints. Download the Sketchup files – Sketchup is free and universally accessible on all platforms including Wine in Linux. If you have a 3D printer – we encourage you to print out the parts, assemble them, and share your videos. Rob Kirk, our Documentation Manager – is preparing a collaborative video editing platform, stay tuned. For the source files, see my work logLeandra’s Log, Chris DeAngelis LogCory Log, Lucas Log, and Jordan Log – and see our Dashboard for status briefs.

Animation demonstration of Sketchup import to the open source Blender animation software care of Piotr Lugowski.


  1. Paul

    Hi guys,

    I have been trying to get Marcin on the Joe Rogan Experience to hit an even bigger audience. Both have said they would love to do it but I have been unable to bring them together and need help.

    Please help.

    his twitter is @joerogan
    the fan page is @JoeRoganExp

    PS Are the contact details for the core team around? I was looking for the twitter handles.

    Kind regards

  2. Qurba Joog


    Water is major issue in many parts of the world. Well Drilling is part of the 50 GVCS. When will you start prototyping Well Drilling machine please.

    1. Marcin

      We aim to develop all mechanical tools for agriculture and construction by year-end 2013. Can you join our Design Sprints?