3 Minute Video on Factor e Farm and The Liberator

Sean is here for a part of the summer to gather footage for his documentary on the beginnings of Factor e Farm. The time lapses in the last blog post are also part of his work. Here is a 3 minute video about Factor e Farm and The Liberator open source CEB press.

We are planning on putting together a powerful documentary on the core message of OSE – distilling key concepts and filling in with our work as the evoloving substance. We feel that our message is still poorly communicated, largely because we are too busy at work creating the substance to make the message compelling. We may not get around to this documentary until we complete the tractor prototype II, soil pulverizer prototype II, torch table, hole puncher, drill press, and lathe – all open source, of course. The constructions/fabrication that we’ll do with these tools should complete the package of initial results on the Global Village/Resilient Community Construction Set – such that we’ll have plenty of compelling material for an interesting video. We’ll see when we get around to it. In the meantime, if you want to see our work go faster, subscribe to the True Fans.


  1. connectivist

    maybe you’re interested in this story on about open source housing:

  2. connectivist

    i mean so you can tell others about your project because more people need to be aware of it.

  3. connectivist

    i think it is merely a problem of telling others that you’re really doing it. that makes people notice a difference. if you report on your work on crowded sites like slashdot, you could easily get more supporters i think. many technologists dream about some sort of utopia, and you’re just doing it.

    1. Marcin

      True. Would you mind putting up a note on Slashdot for us?

  4. Toby

    Very, very cool. I thought this looked great – well done guys.

  5. LucasG

    1) create wikipage and tell us which it is
    2) write transcription of video
    3) time the transcription
    4) translate into several languages
    5) include translation as subtitles

    I can easily do #3 into Spanish.

    I’m not sure this video is prioritary. It is, if True Fans grow from other languages.

    I’m not sure how #5 would work with blip, so maybe there are more steps involved, like downloading from and uploading to youtube.

    If we do this 3 minute video into one language, we can then streamline the process for more minutes and more languages, describing the process in a wikipage.

    Some of this, transcription specifically, can be paid for.

  6. Ram

    Hi Marcin this one is regarding the Fab lab, for drilling, milling, rapid prototyping, plasma table why not instead construct a gantry type mill with an attachment holder for holding and clamping the various devices. That way you can save a hell lot for stepper motors ball screws space etc. What do you think about it? It would be so nice when open source plans for plasma and welding get ready cant wait to build my own fab shop.

    1. Marcin

      Sounds like a good idea. The challenge is designing a single machine that can handle heavy loads such as milling, and near-zero loads such as holding a torch for cutting. It is easier to design 2 machines for these tasks, but it is true that a single machine would allow great integration of functions, and it is certainly along our lines of thinking.

  7. connectivist

    i did write something on slashdot, but anonymously and not very focused, so it was very far down in the thread. actually, it didn’t really match the article because that was about “retrofitting” old tube cars and such. so a mistake from my side.

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