Down on the Farm: Wild Strawberries and Global Swadeshi

It has taken me a while to allow my experiences and inspirations from this weekend at Factor E to gestate, to ferment into tangible thoughts that I can easily disseminate to readers. Being lucky enough to sit down with Brittany and Marcin and talk face...

Cordwood Addition Complete

I always imagined that when I am going to be in my mid sixties, i’ll retire to the woods and live in a small wood shack out in nature. Well, why wait? Here is my lovely little shack: You can view more pictures and more information by clicking below.

The Volunteers Experiment.

Hey, Yesterday’s post was delayed because I got a nasty food poisoning. Canned beans are sure a big no no for me. More over, I spent all yesterday on cutting woods with our chainsaw and almost cut my left leg off. I actually sliced through my black...