Health and the Future of Factor e

Molly and I built a hand washing station and I put together a shower Factor e Farm. This post is an analysis of the sanitation issues rooted in geography, infrastructure, and human use following Christopher Alexander’s guidelines for design analysis....

Hands-on Hexacube Review

What follows is my personal experience and my evaluation of the design, if you want a quick read jump ahead to the evaluation at the end. According to Marcin and Jeremy I’m the only person to have slept in the Hexacube in below freezing conditions.

Casting at The Crucible

I just got back from The Crucible in Oakland, CA where I spoke to Nick DiPhillipo.  Nick constructed their foundry and has designed and built foundry equipment such as kilns and cupola furnaces at The Crucible, UC Santa Cruz, Artworks in Berkeley,...

A Shower at Factor E Farm

I  know I promised the True Fans group that I would work documenting Factor E in video (there will be some to come),  but I found more pressing needs on site- namely hygiene facilities.   Riding to the airport with Cat and Richard from U....