Velocar – the Open Source Tilting Microcar

We are collaborating with Yann Lischetti – developer of an open source, tilting, electric Microcar. See his latest progress. The site is


  1. Exopolitics Hungary

    We await the developments.


    After riding the tiny, rural DMUs of the eastern Czech Republic, I have come to realize that transit is not just a “big city” solution.

    Any chance the Open Source Ecology team could add some open-source transit tools to their official wish list? No need to build them yet. Someone will come along to do that. Here’s what I would see on the list. Feel free to add.

    1 – Open-source sonar survey device with algorithms that allow quick assessment of viable trolley or light rail routes, since initial site survey costs are often the biggest hurdles for small towns considering transit.
    2 – Open-source software that uses OSM data (and likely other open data) to help negotiate civic challenges like contacting stakeholders, organizing community meetings and locking in routes.
    3 – Open-source device or devices for laying rail beds in a consistent way atop road or non-road surfaces.
    4 – Open-source designs for cantenary structures, traffic light priority switching and other switching/control equipment.
    5 – Open-source design for trolley itself.
    6 – Open-source design for larger-scale light rail systems.