Dimensional Sawmill

A dimensional sawmill is a circular blade sawmill with 2 blades that is used for producing dimensional lumber in one pass.



The Dimensional Sawmill is an application of two Universal Rotors mounted at right angles to one another to allow the production of dimensional lumber with one pass. The last prototype involved a trailer mounted machine, but the next iteration next iteration of the dimensional sawmill is intended to be a front-loader mounted device where height is set by 2 hydraulic cylinders with linear encoders that move the cutting head up and down. The log moves on the y axis (transverse axis) which rests on the ground, and is about 8′ long, while the longitudinal x axis is 20′ long. The tractor deposits the log carriage on the ground and is subsequently used to move the logs – allowing full tractor power to be used either for log moving or powering the sawmill. This configuration allows a short log carriage to be used while simplifying y motion by separating the Xzavier motion from y motion.

Project Details:

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