OSE Fellowship

Introducing the OSE Fellowship

The OSE Fellows program is a one year, full time, merit-based Fellowship for doing something extraordinary while working with OSE. OSE Fellow candidates start with a 5 week immmersion program to gain a solid working knowledge of the open source desktop microfactory. The Microfactory consists of the 3D printer, filament maker for producing 3D printing filament from scrap plastic, the CNC Circuit Mill, 3D Scanner (camera + software), and 2.5W laser cutter. Fellows-in-Training will bring the Desktop Microfactory to their home community – and run workshops, training sessions, and Design Jams – where we work collaboratively on open source product design.

Fellows spend about 25% of their time running public immersion build workshops – and the rest in further research and development. Fellows work remotely from their home location, using their open source microfactory – in their home location. Regular on-site participation is part of the program, such that 3 months of the year are spent at the OSE headquarters for training and other collaborative events.

The OSE Fellowship of 2018 provides ongoing training to Fellows in 2019. In April 2019, OSE Fellows will continue immersion training on Heavy Machines – where they learn to build the CNC Torch Table, Welder, CNC Multimachine, and Ironworker Machine – as 4 key machines for heavy metal fabrication. The April 2019 schedule focuses on the full Open Source Microfactory, which extends the capacity of the Desktop Microfactory to heavy machine fabrication.

We will be holding the Open Source Microfactory Boot Camp every 6 months – you can register now for the August 2018 program. We will also offer the OSE Fellowship every 6 months, so you can apply now for Fall 2018 – or later for Spring 2019.

Please see http://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Immersion_Program for full details and apply today.

Meet Our Candidates

Sara Bajor has been accepted to the program and is going to bring the Open Source Microfactory to Lodi, California:


See her slide deck:

Harman Bains was the first candidate accepted into the program. He has good support from his local community – and is ready to bring the Desktop Microfactory to his town. It is likely to expand into a full open source microfactory for community based manufacturing – as we make the road by walking:

Hi, my name is Harman Bains. I wear many hats, but they usually have to do with figuring out how to help fix the problems facing humanity. I have dual Bachelor’s degrees in Neurobiology and Computer Science. I spent a year in medical school, and another working as a software developer in California. I learned a lot but have always been looking for the path that aligns my interests, abilities, and mission to help make the world a better place. With the Open Source Ecology Fellowship, I think I’ve found that path.

Please support me in my quest to better understand technology and its ability to help alleviate human suffering. In my free time I’ve taught myself how to grow crops, fix cars, build computers, greenhouses and many other skills related to producing the goods needed to meet human needs. I hope to one day take my skills to India, and many other developing nations to provide the tools and guidance people need to lift themselves out of poverty. I’m intelligent, determined and ready to produce results for OSE. Together, we can breakthrough to a new era of collaboration and sustainability through open source hardware and design.

Harman is looking for support to cover the costs of the one year OSE Fellows program. Help Harman raise his tuition and materials costs. Materials are about $3500, and tuition is $3000 – and includes 2 months of on-site immersion training at OSE in the 2018-2019 period. Fundraising ends on August 14, 2018.

See his slide deck for his pitch:

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